MIRRORS - Spares
M90997 Left Hand
M90999 Right Hand
Tex® Door Mirror Adaptor Kit

This kit allows Tex Door Mirrors and Mini Racing Mirrors to be fitted to post 1980 Minis without drilling.

Remove the existing plastic mirrors and screw the adaptor plate into the existing holes.
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Tex® Door Mirror - Chrome Plinth
For use with TEX door mirrors where the
door is at a steep angle
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Tex® Door Mirror - Plinth B
Recommended for doors with shallow angle
Tex® Door Mirror - Plinth C Kit
Recommended for doors with steep angle
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Tex® Door Mirror - Plinth Kit
A universal kit for fitting to most doors
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Type 1 Mirror Clamp Nut
To fit all type 1 Mirror Heads
and Stems No: 7 / 8 / 9 / 18 / 88
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Type 3 Mirror Clamp Nut
To fit all Type 3 Mirror Heads
and Stems No: 10 / 21 / 23
Type 6 Mirror Clamp Nut
Fits all Type 1 Mirror Heads to No. 6 Stem
An alternative to M91880
As Detailed
Replacement Glass
To fit Tex Door Mirrors and B Heads
M97712Q - Flat Anti-Dazzle Glass
M97702Q - Convex Anti-Dazzle Glass
Rubber Peg for Flat Blade
Rubber peg for Flat Blade
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