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Brake Pads

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Brake Pads

Tex are classic car approved stockist of EBC Brake products and stock a wide selection of brake Pads for immediate delivery.

EBC has been a global leader in braking technology for more than 30 years. The brake pads are designed to reduce stopping distances and are resistant to heat fade at higher speeds.

Designed for road use, ‘Greenstuff’ pads offer great stopping power, low-levels of brake dust and are highly environmentally friendly, containing no lead, copper or toxic sulphides.

‘Yellowstuff’ pads are the ultimate in fast-road braking technology, and sufficiently effective and reliable as to be near standard fitment on Britain’s high-speed police cars. ‘Yellowstuff’ pads are the best choice for drivers looking for high-performance on-road braking or occasional competition use.

‘Bluestuff’ pads are the first choice of club-level racers. A true competition pad, they offer the highest possible friction coefficient and exceptional fade resistance. Moreover, unlike many motorsport oriented pads, ‘Bluestuff’ ones are technically approved for road use too, thanks to their ability to function well even when cold.

‘Redstuff’ pads are EBC’s flagship brake pad range for prestige vehicles with over 200 BHP. Manufactured fully in the UK, the Redstuff pad is ECE R90 approved for road legal use within Europe for the majority of applications. Utilising a ‘low dust’ compound, the Redstuff pad is most popular for vehicles that need to be kept clean with minimal requirement. Designed & manufactured as a performance road pad, the Redstuff is capable of withstanding multiple heavy braking on the road without fade and with minimal disc/rotor scoring.

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